A Newer Addition to Our Shelves

Not everyone is attracted to vintage.

Here is another treasure – this one for someone interested in Buddhism. It was put out on the shelves just yesterday. Maybe looking for you? Check it out in our Ste. Anne de Bellevue bookstore.


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Oh, How We Love Books!

And for some strange reason, we love old books the best.

If you haven’t checked out the Collector’s Corner in the Ste. Anne de Bellevue Thrift Shop for awhile, you might want to have a peak. There are some treasures there that are worthwhile drooling over.


What a Delightful Corner!


From Top to Bottom


This One Caught My Eye


It Is So Captivating


Look At This Sketch!

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You’ll Be in the Pink!

I’ve just received word of an upcoming sale in our Ste. Anne de Bellevue boutique  — a  special just for Valentine’s-week! And just for you! It begins on February 7th and continues for a full week.


Selected winter coats and jackets will have special luvvy-duvy tags to indicate that they are 1/2 price!

Now isn’t that great news?

Plus! Although I don’t have the details yet, the scoop from Cupid is that Kirkland is also having their own half price sale on selected coats. So, keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss out on these bargains. Winter is far from over!

Unfortunately, the Beaconsfield store has no coats for you. 🙂 But, as you know, they always have excellent bargains on their furniture, so don’t forget about them.

Spread the love!

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Happy New Year, Dear Customers


Yes, indeed!

People have told us we’re pretty sharp here, so we’re going to try to be even more clef-er. We know that sometimes these attempts can lead to treble, because the puns don’t always measure up–occasionally, they may even fall flat.

In fact, because jokes are not necessarily our forté, maybe our staff should scale back on these pitches–we really don’t want to harmony one! Perhaps we should guitar act together and change our tone soon–before we go mute or, even worse, rise to a crescendo!

(We’ve heard that this can happen if the G-string is too tight!)

On that note, it’s time to take a minuet to get in tune with reality, and hopefully, avoid going off-key! We want to stay away from any and all minor setbacks! After all, we don’t want you to de-bass your opinion of us.

To that end, all the volunteers are working in concert, preparing to greet you again. We don’t want to harp on it, but we are expecting to see you on Tuesday, January 10th when we re-open our doors and start conducting business again. We’ve had a lovely holiday rest and now plan to start again with major enthusiasm as a prelude to a spirited new year!

Of that we are all in accord, right?

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A Huge Thank You and Best Wishes


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Last Call! Tick Tock! Tick Tock!


Yes, time is  rapidly running out,

And you, for sure, don’t want to miss out!

So get right on out in the cold today,

Before your chances have flown away.

We’re open again tomorrow at ten.

So you may be able to come in then.

But at four o’clock our doors will close,

And what you’ll do then, … no one knows!

You’ll probably have to go to a store

Where you will certainly pay much more,

And not have the wonderful choices we offer.

And then you’ll need to dig into your coffers

To be able to pay their much higher prices,

And spend all your money to ward off a crisis!


To avoid all that, here’s what you should do:

Just come buy our treasures!

Merry Christmas to you!

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Easy to Find Christmas Bargains


Well, I’m back home from a very rewarding clean-up in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, and I think you will be happily surprised with our new clean look!

Thanks to our dear customers, we are at the end of our mountainous Christmas stock. Believe it or not, the above photo shows all that is left! I could hardly believe it myself. Of course, there are still a few items in the bargain alley, but this is it for the main store.

So we decided to consolidate it all in one area at the back of the shop to make it easier for you to find what you need or want. I had a lot of fun organizing the items to allow for efficient browsing. 😉 While doing that, I realized that, indeed, there are still some very beautiful ornaments and platters and stockings and wreaths and “stuffies” and garlands and linens…. And as I said this morning, they are still selling at 50% off!

But they won’t last long. Doors open Tuesday at 10:00 and close for the holidays on Saturday at 4:00.

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